About Lady-Links

Who are Lady Links?

Lady-Links are women who are compassionate, kind, thoughtful and patient and want to help others who are in the process of losing their ability to maintain the necessary links in their lives.  Our efforts are directed toward those who have dementia because they don’t have the cognitive skills to call their friends and ask them to come over for a visit.  People with dementia need a group of friends who will arrange for activities that provide dignity and purpose in their lives and who will visit them in their homes to engage in those activities with them.  Lady-Links are friends of the person with dementia and are organized to visit on a regular basis.  Usually a family member or a good friend of the person with dementia arranges for a Lady-Links group to be formed.   Lady-Link visits occur on a scheduled, regular basis usually once or twice a week.  There are two or three Lady-Links at each visit.   Lady-Links are not experts on dementia, but they don’t need to be. They are experts on being friends because they know how to enrich their special friend’s life through love and laughter and with activities that provide meaning and joy.  As of now there are two Lady-Links groups.  One group visits a woman who has Alzheimer’s dementia and the other visits a woman who has mini vascular dementia.