Dementia and Friends: How Lady-Links Embrace the Moment

What does the word “embrace” mean to you? For Lady-Links, we use both definitions that “embrace” suggest. We “support willingly and enthusiastically” the beliefs that our dear friends have, and we use meaningful touch such as a hug as “a sign of affection.”

In other words, we embrace our dear friends emotionally and physically.  Whether we’re playing scrabble, card games, making a craft,  playing the hand chimes or singing along to recorded music we do it “willingly and enthusiastically.”


The interesting thing is that although we made a deliberate effort during the first couple of visits to embrace (support) whatever activity that engaged our dear friend, we have found that we developed a true passion for what we are doing.  As a result of truly enjoying embracing (supporting) what is meaningful to our dear friends, the embraces (signs of affection) are real and spontaneous.


Hugs, arms around shoulders, holding hands and stroking arms all come naturally as they would with any friend with whom we’ve formed a bond.

We’ve learned to embrace the present moment because that’s where our dear friends live.  So whatever form of the definition you choose, embrace your dear friend or loved one and you’ll find it brings joy to you both.


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