Dementia and Friends: Why Random Acts of Kindness Help

Random acts of kindness…I see those in our Lady-Links visits. A gentle hug, a smile, a patient response, and positive comments are some of the ways we express kindness to our dear friends with dementia.


Another way to be kind is to anticipate what is needed and provide assistance before it becomes necessary.  For example, with the crafts we make, we do the prep work so our dear friend can add a finishing touch, making the project complete.  She gets a feeling of accomplishment and success by doing her part which we make sure is something she will be able to easily do.


We use peel-and-stick materials representing familiar objects (such as flowers or rainbows) that are colorful and cheerful.  This promotes memories from long ago which we work into the conversation, helping our dear friends to remember special occasions or events that bring joy into their lives.


All of these acts of kindness are small, but together they add up to help provide an encouraging emotional uplift just when it’s needed.

TapeA simple act of kindness can go a long way towards making a friend or loved one with dementia feel valued and appreciated.  Why wait to be kind?  Start now and you’ll see results, plus you’ll feel good about it!  And that, we’ve found, means big smiles for everyone!



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