Dementia and Lady-Links: A Benefit for Everyone Involved

The word is spreading about the wonderful work that the Lady-Links do at their visits with our dear friends who have dementia.


The benefits of socialization for people diagnosed with dementia are well known.  Social interactions can benefit memory and cognitive function.  Mentally stimulating the brain through social engagement is a healthy choice, resulting in a positive attitude that can last long after the activity has ended.  Plus socialization can help prevent feelings of isolation and depression.


Birthday Music 1

One of the biggest surprises about our visits has been that the Lady-Links enjoy the visits as much as our dear friends do!


Lady-Links was started as a way to benefit those ladies in our community who have dementia, but quickly it was recognized that our “girl time” is enjoyed by all!


The families of our dear friends are invited to our parties and events, and they sometimes join us at a visit.  This provides them with an opportunity to see their loved one respond positively in a social situation.  In addition, they have a great time as well!


Christmas Party 3

Socialization enhances lives whether it is of our dear friends, their families or even the Lady-Links!

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