Dementia and Lady-Links: Lean on Me

Ever had to have a little help from a friend?

Lean on me Birdie

Most of us do need some help from time to time whether it’s emotional or physical help.  We may think we’re Super Woman . . .  and can do everything ourselves. Actually we’re not anywhere close to being Super Woman. No woman is, regardless of how mentally or physically healthy she is.


Recently,  I had the opportunity to go to a children’s event on a ranch in east Texas. There was a lot of walking up and down some rugged terrain, and I needed help along the way due to an injury from years ago that still limits my ankle’s range of motion.    I gladly accepted help from those with me and “leaned on” them when necessary.  The journey would have been very difficulty without that help.

That outing made me think of the song “Lean on Me” written by Bill Withers. After reviewing the lyrics, I thought about our dear friends with dementia. They are at a point in their lives in which very little makes sense.  They need friends they can lean on to “help them carry on.”

As Lady-Links, we are providing emotional support for them through our friendship visits.  In my life, I’ve found that dealing with emotional needs requires the greatest act of friendship possible because of the complications that are associated with one’s feelings.  With physical difficulties, the solution is obvious as it was with my struggles on the walking trail.  With emotions such as confusion and fear, the need and its resulting solution may not be so obvious.  Lady-Links are trained to recognize those areas of emotional concern and know how to respond with encouragement and compassion.

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Lady-Links recognize in our dear friends, as the song says, ”a load that they can’t carry,” and assess the situation quickly and respond lovingly.    At our visits we are doing our best to help our dear friends “carry on” by providing “someone to lean on” and it’s working well.


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    Dennie. You always amaze me with your Lady-Links articles.

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