Dementia and Storms: Learning How to Dance in the Rain

Highland SpringsSummer rains…good for the area lakes, but not so good for outdoor activities that require a sunny day. Fun activities such as picnics, ball games and walks in the park have to be postponed or even cancelled.  Are you flexible enough to handle those disappointments which call for a change of plans?

But what if we’re not talking about the weather…what if we’re talking about the “storms” of life?  That’s much more difficult to handle…but not impossible.  So much of it depends on our attitude. If your loved one or friend with dementia feels like she or he is “drowning” in a storm that has appeared and won’t go away, perhaps you can help “weather that storm” with cheerfulness, encouragement, and love.

elderly person aloneHere’s a saying that has helped me as I’ve faced difficult situations in my life, “Instead of waiting for the storm to pass, learn how to dance in the rain.”  The internet (always truthful, right?) gives Vivian Greene credit for that quote.  Are you learning how to dance? From my observation, I will tell you who is….the spouses and children of the dear friends we visit. They have learned how to “dance” to the music that dementia has chosen for them, and they are to be commended for doing so.

It’s not always easy to ask for help, but they have reached out to us as Lady-Links to help their loved one continue to have friends and to engage in meaningful activities.  Thank you to the supportive families for all you do for your loved one and for allowing Lady-Links to be a part of their lives and yours.


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DSC_4807 - Version 2We applaud your efforts for learning how to dance even when it wasn’t your choice.


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