Dementia and Support Groups: Lady-Links Bring Friendship and Support to Every Visit

Lady-Links is a type of support group for ladies with dementia, bringing friendship and support to every visit.


Miriam-Webster defines a support group as “a group of people with common experiences and concerns who provide emotional and moral support for one another.” Many of our Lady-Links have or had a family member with dementia.  All of our Lady-Links have friends with dementia.


We offer the dear friends we visit encouragement and support because we have seen firsthand the concerns that any type of dementia brings on the person who has been diagnosed with it. We listen, we respond, and we smile.  We offer suggestions when help is needed, and we react with love, patience and kindness when doing it.


We know how to guide and empower our dear friends and how to offer them a sense of community. We let them know that their lives matter and have value. We help our dear friends find links to their past memories and pay attention when they connect.  We let them know that they are still the wonderful person they were before they were diagnosed, and our actions show that we value their friendship.

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On the surface our visits look like any visit to a friend would look.  What is not seen is all the training, planning and preparation that goes into each and every visit to make it provide “emotional and moral support” for our dear friend.

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After all, that’s what good friends and support groups do…provide emotional and moral support. Lady-Links serve in both capacities and do so with love and laughter too!

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